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Team - Our most important asset

AC Security Service realises that our most important asset is our staff and to this end we are constantly seeking the very best people from the marketplace. To do this we offer attractive rates of pay and benefits; offering a genuine incentive for staff to work and make a career with AC Security Service. We recognise that some staff are ambitious and will demonstrate skills to progress to more responsible positions within the company. We have to nurture these staff and give them the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge so that they can develop a successful career in security with AC Security Service.

Alternatively, some staff may desire to simply work with a professional caring company; these staffs are just as important and we must understand that not everyone burns with ambition; however we must also provide the best possible environment for these staff to work in.

Our employment package includes a realistic rate of pay. Our policy is to always promote from within, wherever and whenever possible, this means that this is only a starting package for those with the ambitions and qualities to develop further.

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Our Services

  • Corporate Office / Industry Security
  • Retail / Shopping Mall Security
  • School / Hospital / Bank Security
  • Residential Apartments Security

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AC Security Service is ready, willing, and fully capable to handle your private security needs. With AC Security Service in charge of your security operation, your communities, shopping centers, and office buildings will be safe, day and night..

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